How can I get a quote?
Please fill our Online Get A Quote form or Chat online from link provided at our website. Alternatively you can Send us an email with all the relevant information relating to your quote enquiry one of our staff will contact you ASAP.

How long before my container is unpacked?
Depending on how much notice we receive prior to container arriving, we generally unpack same day if not the next day.

How long do we take to dehire container once empty?
We dehire containers mostly same day depending on time we receive dehire request OR with in 24 hours.

Do we need an account set up to have any work done at Desired?
No, we can process any job on a COD basis.

What are your opening hours?
Transport working hours is 24X7

Office Hours

Mon-Fri 07.00am – 17.30pm

Sat 08.00-15.30pm



Frequently Used Terminology

FCL    Full Container Load
LCL    Less than Container Load
CBM    Cubic Metre(s)
AQIS    Australian Quarantine Inspection Service
DO    Delivery Order
EDO    Electronic Delivery Order
COD    Cash On Delivery
Clear Cargo    Cargo that is clear from Australian Customs & Quarantine
Underbond Cargo    Cargo that is still “Held” by Australian Customs
AQIS Held Cargo    Cargo that is still “Held” by Australian Quarantine
Time Slot    For every container coming or going to the wharf, a time slot is required
Demurrage    Waiting time at the wharf & or empty container park. When an empty container has not been returned to the shipping company in the required time